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Dissemination of results

Reference  Statistical information presented on the official web-site of the State Statistic Service ( is accessible and open for all users without any limitations. To obtain this information a special permission in not required, but in the case of its further use with intention to dissemination it is obligatory for users to indicate information data source.

Reference  One can become acquainted with statistical publications in the library of the State Statistic Service that is situated in the premises of the Main regional statistical office in Kyiv at the address: 06101, Kyiv, vul. Eksplanadna 4-6, room 303, tel. 289-96-15.
          One can purchase statistical publications in the shop that operates in the premises of the State Statistic Service at the address 01023, Kyiv, vul. Shota Rustaveli 3, room 108, tel.: 287-70-13. Work time: from 9.00 am till 18.00 pm, on Friday from 9.00 am till 17.00 pm, lunch break from 13.00 am till 14.00 pm, days off Saturday, Sunday.

Reference  By written order it is possible to purchase statistical publications in the state enterprise Information-analytic agency (Derzanalitinform) and also to order statistical publications that are planned for printing. Agency address: 01601, Kyiv, vul. Ecsplanadna, 4-6, rooms 413, 419, tel. 287-03-79.

Reference  Unpublished statistical information can be ordered on a paid basis in the State Statistic Service (tel.: 287-12-33, fax: 235-37-39 or in the state enterprise Information-analytic agency (tel.: 289-77-62, fax: 287-03-79).

Reference  Providing of statistical information on a paid basis by state bodies of statistics is carried out according to Article 24 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Statistics" and the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine On approval of the performing of the statistical surveys and provision of state statistical organs with services on a paid basis dated November 8, 2000, 1659.

Reference  To draw up an order as to the provision of necessary information one has to send a letter-order (by post or fax), composed in an arbitrary form. The inquiry must clearly indicate asked information, determine its itemization (by types of activity, regions, organizational-legal forms of management, ect.) period (or on what date), for which the data are to be provided and also it is mandatory to indicate:
          for legal persons information title, telephone and contact person of an enterprise, organization;
          for natural persons surname, address, contact telephone of a person-customer.

Reference  To carry out payments the Service prepares corresponding packet of documents (agreement, certificate of works completion, account-invoice). Payment of costs for preparation and provision of information is carried out by written order. Cost for specific inquired information depends on time spent for its preparation. Calculation of the cost is performed on the basis of the order of State Statistic Service On establishing the cost of one man-day and the cost of information on one page from 16.03.2005. 73 (registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 25.03.2005 by 3334/10614).

Reference  Employees of scientific and educational institutions, students, post-graduate students and mass-media representatives have a possibility to become acquainted with unpublished publications of the State Statistic Service. For that its necessary to send on the address of the service a letter with corresponding enquiry. For such users in the State Statistic Service special reception days are set up: Tuesday and Friday from 14.00 am to 17.00 pm.
   Organizational measures as to becoming acquainted with published data are carried out by the department of communication with mass-media and users of the department of aggregated information and international cooperation (room 219-b). One can apply for information by the telephone: 287-12-33.

Reference   State statistical bodies keep up the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (EDRPOU): on the level of the State Statistic Service of Ukraine, on the territorial level - territorial bodies of state statistics.

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