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Data bank

    Data bank is an integrated information and statistical system from demographic statistics that provides a user with free of charge and prompt obtaining the data of the Ukraine’s population censuses.

   Proposed data bank
    - simple to use: chosen indicators and tables can be exported in different file formats, saved on a computer or printed;
   - each table can be presented graphically;
   - each table and majority of indicators are provided with methodological explanations and information sources.

   Data bank contains information in a breakdown into administrative-territorial units (the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, oblasts, towns of regional importance and Ukraine as a whole) that is grouped in table. Tables in turn are grouped by thematic breakdowns.

   The functioning of the Data bank is provided by the PC-Axis family products which gained a wide popularity in the area of statistics dissemination. PC-Axis is a packet of programs developed as a platform for concerted, effective and convenient for users spreading of official statistical data. Users of the PC-Axis software include over 30 statistical services of different countries worldwide.

   Support and filling a database on the Internet:
        Department for Population and Regional Statistics of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine:

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