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Data confidentiality

   Census questionnaire forms have a level of protection, processed under special conditions, which ensures protection against unauthorized access, and prevent any possibility of their theft, loss or forgery for future use.

   According to the Law of Ukraine On All-Ukrainian Population Census: (art. 16): Primary data and other information, obtained during the Census taking, are confidential and protected by the Law. Records in census questionnaires concerning respondents are not subject to dissemination without the respondents consent and are used in aggregated depersonalized form only for statistical purposes.
   The primary (personal) census data cannot be requested by the court, public prosecutors offices or other authorities to be examined and used as evidence in civil and criminal cases.

    In case of violation of the procedure for using the primary personal data concerning natural persons or providing such information to others, as well as violations of other requirements regarding the protection of confidential personalized information, temporary census staff and other personnel involved in the preparation and conduct of the population census, processing, generalizing and dissemination of its results shall be liable under applicable law.
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