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Censuses in Ukraine

   At the turn of the third millennium, the international community has made another census cycle.

   During 1999-2004, most countries implemented state programs on national population censuses.

   Given a steady integration into the world community, Ukraine has not remained aloof this international event and in 2001 also held the first since independence population census.

    Of particular importance of the All-Ukrainian population census was that it had in figures to reflect the full range of gradation of socio-economic life, capture for the future the features of a renewed Ukraine, leave them, so to speak, the historical background of demographic and social state of the country at the beginning of the development of Ukrainian statehood. The results of the survey were to reflect the impact of those dramatic changes that have taken place in Ukraine for the period of the last Soviet census in 1989, determine not only the quantitative characteristics of the population, but also show a qualitative progress in its structure. In addition, census data were deemed to answer many questions about the future development perspectives of our country. And yet this census was to show the world – that Ukraine exists in general European context, how it looks compared to other countries in the region, which place it takes among them. Therefore, the first nationwide census was the urgent demand of time and its data were awaited both in Ukraine and abroad.
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